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The Story of Hagar


Hagar, a royal princess of Egypt, became a handmaid in the first Hebrew tribe. How did that happen? And how does that change the way we think about her? Growing up as a royal in ancient Egypt, Hagar would have lived in an opulent court full of privilege and power where boys and girls received formal and equal educations. She would have become an accomplished, refined, and cultured young woman. Instead, her life turned a different course.
The Story of Hagar by KD Holmberg. 
Coming in 2020.


More Than a Handmaid


More Than a Handmaid tells the story of three women in the first Hebrew tribe, each embarking on their own journey toward freedom, survival, and a place to call home. Willing to fight for what belongs to them, they are all led down a dangerous path of their own making.

Hagar paid a staggering price to follow the Hebrew God. Once a princess, now a handmaid, she quietly conforms to the ways of the nomads. Until she gives birth the patriarch’s first heir and becomes difficult to live with. Sent into the desert with her son to die, she struggles to find a way to not only survive but thrive.

Idit is stoic about living as a nomad but wants something permanent. She happily follows her husband, Lot, to the city of Sodom where she looks forward to a settled home. But Sodom is not as she hoped, and she finds her life, and the life of her family in great peril.

Sarai is barren and tired of waiting on the promises of God. She uses Hagar as a surrogate to provide an heir for her husband, Abram and finds herself embroiled in a fateful, contentious love triangle. Sarai doesn’t know it, but God has not forgotten about her after all. 




Approximately four thousand years ago, a young Egyptian woman found herself embroiled in a fateful, contentious love triangle that changed the course of human history. The story of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar produced two sons, two great nations, and three major religions. This was the genesis of the Hebrew and Arab nations. AND Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Even the roots of the modern Arab-Israeli conflict are bound up in the dispute between the matriarchs, Sarah and Hagar. But who was Hagar? A lowly handmaid used by a power couple to produce a child? Or the educated, cultured daughter of the king of Egypt?
— The Story of Hagar by KD Holmberg … coming in 2020.